Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where Did the Week Go?

Wow! This week has gone by so fast!

 Last Thursday was an eventful day. I went to a quilt show in Walker that was held at the casino. It was a nice little show--too bad I forgot my camera! We stopped at Piecemaker's quilt shop in Hackensack, where I added a little more to my Jo Morton stash.

After I got home, and because I am so graceful, I rammed my foot into a stool at our snack bar and broke my little toe on my left foot. I have been avoiding shoes as much as possible. I'll spare you a photo showing my purple foot.

Sunday was my birthday. Mr. Moosebay made me this lovely cake.

Marble cake, orange vanilla frosting, Halloween sprinkles. I'm not sure why he chose to use this small glass pan,
as the cake was unbaked in the center and collapsed.
 It's the thought that counts, Mr. Moosebay! 
He's very good at making brownies, though. Cake, not so much!

Monday, Sandi and I were hostesses for our Pinetree Patchworker's guild meeting. There was such a great turn-out--more attendees than there have been the last few months. There was lots of wonderful show and tell--again, I forgot my camera! Oops! I made this popcorn snack mix just because I thought it looked so cute.
photo from Sing For Your Supper blog
I did manage to get another block finished. Every time I start a new block, I think it's my favorite. It was fun doing the little wonky "eyes" on the peacocks tail-kind of quirky. I like quirky!

The comb and toes were not so fun--my fabric ravels so easily  that it literally
falls apart as you try to turn it. 
Of course, I've also been working on getting ready for the Green Lake retreat that starts this Saturday. I haven't touched the projects (packed up in a tub) that I took along to last spring's retreat, so I needed to sort through them to figure out what I had on my hands. Good thing, too, since I had taken out books with instructions and rulers needed for cutting triangles, etc.

Yesterday, I got my supply list for a class I am taking at Gruber's in November. Kim Diehl is teaching applique by machine on a table runner from the Simple Graces book. We need to have the background blocks put together before class, so we can get right to the applique process. I'll be spending today cutting fabric and repacking my retreat tub so I can work on mine at Green Lake.
This is the table runner we will be appliqueing: Cottage Garden
Although I love doing my applique by hand, I will never be able to get all of the projects done that I would like to if I don't speed up the process. I'm hoping I will like the method that Kim teaches (edges are turned, then sewn in place by machine) so I can get through some of those "some day" patterns started.


  1. I just love your selection of the Crimon Bouquet line by Jo Morton in the CW Brides quilt you are doing. It is just perfect. I have rammed my left little toe numerous times through the years. I'm sure I broke it at one time or another. I hope you can stay off of your feet for a while so it can heal.

  2. Happy birthday! Your husband bakes cakes!?! I'm impressed. Your peacock block looks marvelous!! I hope your applique class with Kim Diehl goes well - I have dozens of "someday" applique projects swirling around in my head too :0)

  3. I would not have liked doing the toes or comb either. I might have used wool in those spots.