Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Twilight Zone?

Imagine, if you will, a strange universe. A universe where you do not own a sewing needle. A universe where you do not own any thread. A universe where you have not only never learned how to stitch, you don't even know what stitches are named. I encountered such a universe on Sunday.

It started out as a beautiful sunny day--an unseasonably warm day. My brother Bill  and sister-in-law Lisa came over by boat with my niece Hannah and nephew Logan. They also brought along a couple pair of these:

These are ordered from Russia and each pair comes with a long pink satin ribbon that must be cut into four pieces, hemmed and whip stitched inside of the shoe by hand--nothing can show on the outside of the shoe. There is also a piece of elastic that needs to be sewn to the inside of the shoe and fitted across the ankle. I only know this because Lisa played me some YouTube videos on her iPhone showing this procedure. I raised boys--what do I know about pointe shoes? It is up to the Mom's to sew the ribbons and elastic into the shoes, but unbelievably, Lisa doesn't own a needle or any thread or know how to sew.

 I was amazed! How could that be possible?? I guess I was so absorbed into my own little sewing universe, that I couldn't imagine there was anyone that had zero to no interest at all. And I can't believe that in the fifteen years I have know her, that this hasn't come up in conversation. Wow! 

Thankfully, with the help of YouTube, we figured out how to fit Hannah's foot after several tries to get the elastic right, and Lisa felt confident enough to take home some needles and thread to do my other niece Skylar's shoes later that night. I got an email that all went well, which was a big relief--cutting that ribbon up was nerve-wracking!   

My sixth block completed

Seventh block--do those hummingbirds look like flowers to you too?


  1. Putting those ribbons on point shoes is a pain. I've actually sewn them on with my sewing machine with matching thread. A little tricky with the block in the toe, but it worked and is very sturdy. I, however, can't believe that someone doesn't own needle and thread. I can't even imagine.

    As always I'm just loving your blocks. Swoon. To tell the truth though, I didn't realize that those were hummingbirds until I really looked at the block. I wonder if there is something that you can add to them to make them more bird-like?

  2. Your blocks are amazing! I love those Jo Morton fabrics you are using!
    I wouldn't want to live in a universe without stitches, thread, fabric, needles. Imagine - she's never had to sew on a button, hem pants or fix a popped seam. Adding ribbon and elastic to ballet shoes is an interesting first sewing project :0)

  3. The opening to your post is so funny! I can't imagine a home without hobby supplies of all kinds, most especially for quilting. Your blocks are so fabulous!!! And aren't those strange birdie shapes. They make me think of swallows but basically they're just a bit strange, I think the only strange shapes in the quilt.