Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sewing Setbacks

I haven't been able to sew a thing for the last three days and I'm feeling a little stressed about it. I am SO anxious to start on something new, but I'm trying to stay focused to finish my A Bountiful Life completely instead of sticking the quilt top into a tub to await the actual quilting. There isn't anymore room in that tub!

Before I was on my forced sewing hiatus, I managed to figure out what I wanted to do on my top (and only) border. I traced out elements from my first block onto Pattern Eze so I would have a placement guide. I only did half of the width, then folded the Pattern Eze and traced the other half so they matched. Since I used parts of a block that I had already appliqued, I had all the freezer paper templates already made and just had to choose my fabrics and start starching--that was a huge time saver! 

See that fabric in the background? I found it in my tub of backing fabrics that I purchase in massive amounts when I find them on sale. Amazingly, it is a Jo Morton fabric--perfect for this quilt!! 
The last three days have been wasted  spent test-driving cars, traveling (in a snow storm)  to the Minneapolis area (Eden Prairie) to purchase the car, learning to use the car's Sync and Nav system (I am going to need a 9 year old child to show me how to do a lot of this), and transferring title, etc. to the gal who bought my old car. Whew! I'm glad all of that is done with. It's all so time consuming and it doesn't help when Mr. Moosebay and the sales people at the dealership start trading car stories to prolong the torture. Yawn.  We did have a wonderful sales person though, and if you are in the market for a Ford, let me know and I'll hook you up--lol!

More retreat photos coming soon!!


  1. can't wait to see it all together, can't wait :-)

  2. Oh wow! What a gorgeous border! I can't wait to see it with the blocks. I wish you were making 20 more of these blocks it has been wonderful seeing each one that you've made. Your quilt is going to be amazing :0)

  3. I understand totally about the car business ! I dread it, and it is time wasting! Cars are the only thing I hate to shop for !

  4. Great blog. I subscribed to receive by email. I am so impressed with your applique quilt. Good to see you at GLBC. Sharyn Resvick