Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Progress at Retreat

I'm getting near the end of my mini version of A Bountiful Life. 
Before I left for retreat, I managed to finish up one more block AND get the all nine of the finished blocks trimmed to size.
I'm not sure what those wings on the urn are supposed to be--a Stag-horn fern maybe?
I sewed the nine finished blocks together while I was at retreat. 

Hmmm....maybe I should just make a square quilt? 

Too late, since I already had the final three blocks prepared to applique. 

One thing I really wanted to get done was the table runner background I need to have ready for my Kim Diehl machine applique class I am taking in November. Once that was out of the way, I felt a lot better.The squares in the center will be covered with appliqued flowers, so I didn't worry about matching the rest of my fabrics.

I spent the rest of retreat appliqueing my A Bountiful Life blocks and managed to finish up two more blocks! I'm getting SO close--I can see the end in sight!

Bountiful Fruit!
These are "red-winged blackbirds in blue".

I wasn't the only one working on applique at the retreat. These are some of Sandi's blocks, and they are spectacular! She is using true needle turn applique to do Blackbird Design's Bird of a Feather quilt. 

Sandi's background is from the Mary's Muslin line by Windham #26599--gorgeous!!


  1. Oh, Karen, Karen, the Bountiful Life blocks are beyond beautiful. I thought you were making the whole quilt lol! Are you sure you don't want to (little devil on shoulder talking)?? LOVE the fruit block oh and yes I think those are staghorn ferns too. So so pretty. And I adore the Bird of a Feather quilt, too, have the book and always wanted to make that one.

  2. Ohmygosh! these blocks are gorgeous, Karen. I just love the colorways you use, and I love that quilt--well, you certainly are a wonderful applique-er! What a treasure....I agree--they have to be staghorn ferns!! Julierose

  3. Your blocks are just wonderful Karen. I love when you post new ones that you've finished. I finally broke down and ordered the book after seeing your blocks. You really seem to get through them fast.

    And I love that BoaF quilt in red too. Beautiful!

  4. so much lovely applique!! I love your blue blackbirds. I think your blocks will look just as wonderful in a rectangle with some others :0)

  5. Keep going!--do all the blocks! This is going to be a treasure! I love your fabrics.