Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting There!

This morning we had a little treat in the backyard. No, not more snow....migrating swans!
 There wasn't good light for taking photos, but I did the best that I could.

There were a few ducks swimming around with the swans.

There were a few over this way too. They were honking at each other.
Mr. Moosebay, who happens to be a bit hard of hearing, thought there were dogs barking.

Aside from the swan honking, it was so quiet on the bay.
 Most of the houses are vacant until next spring.

The blocks and border are all sewn together, the binding has been prepared,
and the top is loaded onto the quilting machine!!


  1. It's AMAZING! Your small and fairly simple border is just right. What an incredibly gorgeous quilt!! I look forward to seeing how you quilt it :0) Did you get to see the swans take off? I remember thinking they have an incredible wing span.

  2. Your quilt is just drop dead beautiful!!! I think that your border is just perfect. I will love seeing it when it's all quilted!!