Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Bountiful Block of Circles!

My final block of my abbreviated version of A Bountiful Life is ready to trim up. I think this may be my favorite block.
I know, I say that about all of them! I have loved working on this quilt, I have to say.

There is something strange about this block, though. This is how it is positioned in the original quilt. 
I think that what happened to the original quilt maker was something that happens to me ALL the time:

"Oh bother!
 I do believe that I have quite mistakenly sewn my block into my quilt not quite correctly."

 Well, that's how she may have said it--I would have used a bit stronger language, myself ! 
I am going to put my grapevine block into my quilt like this:

There, doesn't that look better? 
There were a LOT of circles in this block (and in some of the others, too!). I really don't mind doing circles since I got my hands on the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles. I purchased mine from my local quilt shop and I'm sure if yours doesn't carry them, they would be happy to order them for you. By the way, this is my personal endorsement--I'm not being paid to say this: I just love them! 

This is how the Perfect Circles are packaged. There are several of each size made from heat resistant plastic. I would say the smallest is about 3/8" and the largest is 2".They come with the ring clip to keep them from escaping--trust me, they are slippery little devils and try to run away!
 Cut a square of fabric about a quarter inch larger all around and then snip off the corners
Using a  heavy thread, stitch all around within the seam allowance with tiny stitches.

Gather up the stitches around the plastic Perfect Circle and knot  it tightly.

Spray some heavy starch into the can cap and, using a Q-tip, saturate the entire fabric circle.Allow it to  sit for a minute or so to let the starch really soak in, then press the circle until it's completely dry.

When the fabric is completely dry, just snip one of the basting stitches and remove the plastic Perfect Circle. There is no need to remove the stitching thread.
 TIP: I iron freezer paper to my pressing surface to protect it--you can see my paper is well used! When you are ready to remove the freezer paper, warm it a little with your iron to make it easier to peel off of the ironing board.
I know, mine is disgusting! Just think if that was my unprotected ironing surface.

Tada!! Here is a perfect circle. How easy was that???

On to the border of A Bountiful Life!!

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  1. Another beautiful block and I like the way that you've done yours as who wants a bird that is flying upside down? And I just bought those circles but haven't used them yet. I want to start the Phebe quilt and there are a lot of circles!

    I've noticed that your blocks have been mentioned elsewhere on blogs, etc. Such a wonderful recognition because your blocks are really beautiful!

  2. You don't think she meant for her bird to be plummeting to its death? :-)

  3. Gorgeous block. Love what you think the quilter might have said versus what you would have said with the same upside-down (or steeply swooping?) bird! I'll have to try the Karen Buckley circles, they would certainly be sturdier than the silly double-layer index card circles I make for the purpose.

  4. I am so going to have to become a follower, I love your block and your blog!!

  5. I too use the Perfect circles. They've made a huge difference in my finished circles. Thanks for sharing on Podunk Pickins, good luck in the giveaway!