Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

It's official--I'm old. I filled out my on-line application for Social Security this week--ack!

If you owned one of these when they were first popular, you may be old too!

I finally made a decision on my extra Temecula Star block and made a bow tie center. I used an alternate block to make the top a little larger and added a strip across the top to make a little space for applique.

Since hexagons are all the rage lately, I added some hexie flowers and leaves across the top. 

These aren't sewn down yet--just glued in place for now. 

I also finished my third Bountiful Life block and got the fourth one, The Robin's Nest, put together and ready to sew down. These blocks are so much fun!

Isn't he sweet-- a valentine and a Golden Delicious apple for his lady friend!

Just glued and ready to sew the pieces down. 

Too bad my arthritic wrist doesn't agree with all this appliqueing! To give the wrist a little rest, I decided to do some machine piecing and put together the first two Grandmother's Choice blocks from Barbara Brackman.  For some real inspiration, check out Karen Mowery's blocks here. She is printing her own fabric using Women's Rights motifs-they are wonderful!

These are eight inch blocks. I toyed with the idea of also doing a four inch version, but I think  I'm over  little quilts for  a while. I'm going to use my usual blues, tans and browns for this one.


  1. I have my old troll sitting on the soap dish tray in the bathroom lol. Your Bountiful Life blocks are gorgeous, gorgeous. I am so excited to see these accumulate, Karen.

  2. I LOVE the way you finished your Temecula Star quilt!!! Stunning!!! Your blocks ate also gorgeous! :-)

  3. Your blocks have the most wonderful use color, scale and pattern that I have seen in a long time. I especially love the little plaid shoes that the gentleman is sporting. The fabric used for the leaves with the bird is fantastic. I can't wait to see what comes next!

  4. So I suppose those Bountiful Life blocks will be done in time for our retreat? Hope you bring them.

  5. I love your Summer Stars quilt - those hexies are so teensy tiny!! I had to make a 9th star for mine too - I like the center you chose to do for yours.
    I also adore your Bountiful Life blocks. They are just alive with color!! I've been working on the Threadbear version of the Bride quilt. It's such a fun project - the blocks are so interesting and different.

  6. Love how you set your Summer Stars quilt. Your Bountiful Life blocks are just gorgeous. I've been resisting, but you may have swayed me.

  7. Just came from Karen Mowery's blog, Sew Primitive, and am so happy to see the beautiful blocks you are making from her book. Your fabric choices are wonderful! And I love the way you set and finished your Temecula quilt. So darling!

  8. Just came over from Karen's "Sew Primitive", too; your blocks are just lovely also. My appliques skills (really, lack thereof!!) are just not up to these, but I really love the cheery....Julierose

  9. I just love your applique blocks. The colors are absolutely outstanding!! I'm just getting into applique, but seeing those blocks is making me swoon - they're really beautiful.