Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And we're walking.....

Walking music here.

I took this photo two weeks ago and this flower was everywhere. I haven't seen them for a several days now.
Yesterday, when I got home from the Breezy Point Sew-In, I went for my walk. I realized that the wild flowers that were in abundance just 2 weeks ago, had been replaced by spewing milk weed pods, red sumac and lots of raggedy rag weed. I love my walking route mostly for the wild flowers along the way. In the spring there are blue flag iris and wild roses. In the summer, the scent of the milk weed and clover is like heaven. I hate to see it end, but look forward to it all starting over again.

This one is finished blooming too.

wild asters

There are still a lot of asters and some tansy hanging one despite the cold nights. This year seemed to be a good year for tansy--it was everywhere!

View of Pelican Lake and Gooseberry Island from the public beach. The island has a beautiful beach on the opposite side  from this view and is very popular in the summer despite the thousands of gulls that nest on the south end. There are some areas for camping on the north end that my sons and brother use quite often. The island is owned by the Breezy Point resort, but it has always been open to the public. See the pontoon boat buzzing by the north end of the island?  Every summer, two goats are placed on the island to eat the poison ivy!


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