Friday, September 21, 2012

The Trick or Treat Quilt

I'm working on the fifth block of my A Bountiful Life quilt, which I will show you when it's completed. I'm hoping that this project will be finished in months--not years! The last large applique quilt I worked on was my version of the Blackbird Designs "Trick or Treat" quilt from their book When a Cold Wind Blows. It took me YEARS to finish it--I think because it was so repetitious doing 291 of the same block. I really had to force myself to finish them, and somehow, when I finally was finished, I ended up with 5 extra baskets. I'm not sure how that happened--I must have been delirious!!

I did get a lot of mileage from those little baskets though! If you took an applique class from me at Colorz for Quilts, you will recognize them. I used them to demo the freezer paper/starch method many, many times. 

I liked the way the little bird ended up in this block.

This is the only block that doesn't have the little reverse applique center--I didn't have the heart to cut into the bird!
I outlined and stippled around all the baskets--soooo many starts and stops!! I quilted a "shadow " basket in the "blank" blocks-I think you can see it in the sampler fabric block in this photo. 
This is my border. I got lazy and just wanted to be done with the quilt, so I skipped the  border applique. To make it easy to advance the quilt on my HQ16, I did bead boarding and scallops with feathers inside of them.
I was so happy to be finished with this quilt and have it hang in the Pinetree Patchworkers Quilt Show this June. It won a ribbon, which was a huge thrill!

I couldn't back up far enough to get the entire quilt in the photo. With the
wide border, it is a king size quilt.
Since I used softer colors than the original, and finished it completely in May, I named it May Baskets.
I did kind of miss working on these little blocks after dinner--it got to be an evening ritual.


  1. Karen - it looks wonderful!! Congratulations! I've just started this quilt, along with a friend, Siobhan, and we're loving it. I'm doing mine in all shades of red.

    The quilting you did on it is wonderful too and I'm glad to see the solid border - I've been going back and forth on that border - to make petals or not!

    And another congratulations on winning the Ribbon. Definitely deserved!

  2. OHMYGOSH--what a masterpiece. I can see why you won a ribbon--it is beautiful. (AND, I'll bet you didn't fuse any of them to your ironing board cover
    ;--((( I did)I am pressing (ha ha) onward and have five finished--now why in the world did I think this would be a cute, SHORT project??? I may be a total "basket case" before it is done...Julierose

  3. Lovely baskets, I like the softer colors that you used.

  4. Oh Wow! Your quilt is BREATHTAKING!! I found your blog from another quilting blog (can't remember which one - sorry!) but I'm so happy that I did! You are so talented and I love your work!

  5. Wow!! That ribbon was very well deserved! What a stunning quilt. Deb sent me the link to your blog and I keep coming back to look at it--wow. LOVE. I have about 55 baskets done and want to keep going but had to put it aside for a few days to make myself finish up another quilt WIP. I never thought I'd like applique but I actually enjoy it now. Thanks for talking about how it was machine quilted, too. It looks SOOOOO nice!

  6. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the fabric selections so much better than all the cheddar in the original. I love cheddar, but your colors are amazing! What a joy to behold!

  7. Stunning. The scale really makes it but so does the detail in the fabrics. Really appreciate you taking the time to point those birds out. Quite charming.

  8. Per chance, I stumbled on your blog, in fact I had googled "Trick and Treat quilts", as I have one started years ago , and I have now decided to finish it ! I am not sure yet if I will do a simple border or the original one, but I must say your quilt is very lovely !

  9. Love how your quilt came out. I have had this quilt on my "bucket list" for a while and finally started it. I have 5 blocks made already, but am having a little trouble with the basket handles. Can I ask you which method you used to make them?