Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scrap Organization

The first thing I did when I moved into my new sewing space, was to work on reining in my out-of control bags of fabric scraps. After I would finish a project, any leftover pieces that were too small to be considered yardage and too big to toss out, would go into plastic bags divided by color. I would dig through them when I needed a little piece for an applique project, but more was going into the bags than was going out--it was out of control!
During a Prairie Women's Sewing Circle meeting at Colorz for Quilts, our leader/teacher Karen DeVries, told us about her system of cutting strips and squares from her leftover fabrics. It seemed like something that would work for me, so this earlier this Spring, I got to work.

I use my Fiesta Ware boxes turned inside out to store my squares and strips--
an idea I borrowed from my friend Sandi.

I spent days and days pressing scraps and sorting them into piles that would be cut into strips and piles for squares. I had to buy an anti-fatigue mat because I was standing in one spot cutting for hours on end and my feet were dying! I decided that I wouldn't save anything less than 1.5 inches for squares, but I did cut one inch strips. The best part is going to my scrap boxes and pulling out already cut pieces for a project. All of the fabric (aside from the borders) I used  for my blocks in the 12 Days of Christmas quilt top 
(see here) came from my scrap boxes.

These are the scrap boxes labeled. The bottom tub is my container of  five inch charm squares.
I feel so organized now!  After I finish a project, if there is a piece less than a fat eighth, I cut it
into squares or strips, whatever is the most efficient use of the fabric piece.

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