Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quilter's Dread

I've managed to complete another block for A Bountiful Life. That makes five so far!

There are FIFTY leaves on this block!!! Only 2 shades of green, though.

I'm going to put my Barbara Brackman Grandmother's Choice blocks and my applique on hold for a while. Yes, I've heard those words every quilter dreads:

 "Will you hem up some pants for me?"

There are many more where these came from.
My Mom has osteoporosis and has become the Incredible Shrinking Woman. She needs  four inches taken off each pair of pants.

You can be sure I am eating lots of dairy and taking my calcium daily!


  1. Your block looks wonderful!! And oh no, on those dreaded words. Why is it that we enjoy hand quilting or applique, but can't stand fixing hems, buttons, etc. My husband doesn't get it - but those things are not the same as appliqueing pieces to a quilt.

  2. Oh, Karen, the latest block is wonderful too! Hope your Bountiful progress doesn't have to stay on freeze for very long, but we all have to do that tailoring work.