Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bedroom Swap

You probably have heard my story of how we swapped the master bedroom and my sewing room. I thought I would show you why it was necessary.

Warning: Some of these photos are disturbing--not for the faint of heart (or the neat freak)!

Obviously the doors to this closet were never closed. The blue check tablecloth would get
tacked over the opening with the flannel back facing out when I needed a design wall. 

This is the same closet after we did the "switcheroo". Mr. Moosebay keeps his things in this closet. Look! The doors close now! My stuff is still in the old master bedroom (now the sewing room). You can see we replaced the carpeting with hickory flooring, and painted all of the woodwork white. That's our ginormous king size bed in the foreground--a bit of a tight squeeze, but not too bad!

This is the south wall. Yeah, it's a disaster! That was my cutting table--it would take me a half hour to clear it off before I could use it. This is opposite the closet wall. The east wall is all windows. so no shelving possibilities there. On the west wall, I used to have a huge computer desk left over from my sales rep/home office days. We sold it on Craig's list when we started remodeling.
This is the same wall as above today. I hung my Prairie Stars quilt that I love, love, love. I saw Susie's version at retreat and had to make one for myself. Thanks Susie!

When I was getting tops quilted for our guild show in June, I didn't quilt anything in the center of the stars, in the hope that they would pop. They didn't, they pooched. My bad! Okay, I was also trying to save time so I could get to the next top that needed quilting. After the show, I put it back on my machine and added these goofy little feather flowers to the centers of each star--much better!


  1. If a person was a neat freek when would there be time to sew?! I love your blue and white quilts - just beautiful!

  2. Yummy, lots of supplies...but where is your new sewing area lol??

  3. Your Prarie Stars quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! Wow! I caught my breath when I got to that picture. Fantastic!