Friday, May 1, 2015

Quilt Camp Sewing

When I go on a retreat, I seem to think that I can get way more done than is realistically possible--but I wouldn't want to run out of things to sew! 
My main goal was to use some of my four patches I received in a recent swap.
I used 100 of them for this pattern: Worn and Loved II--a free pattern on the Windham site.
Since I was starting with 3" finished 4 patches, my quilt is much smaller than the pattern. 

I had this border print in my stash--I think it worked out okay. 

 I  used 168 four patches for this one--also a free pattern on the Windham site: Country Sampler. Again, my version is smaller as I used 3" finished four patches instead of 4" four patches.
I'm not sure if I will add a border or just bind it with a scrappy binding--it's a nice throw size right now

Just for fun, I matched the top four patch color to the bottom patch color in each row (well, except for the row I sewed on backwards--it's a Where's Waldo row now!). 

I still have plenty of four patches left--no ideas yet for these!

I didn't make a lot of progress on my Devil's Claw blocks.
 I seemed to have a lot of issues with my Bernina and was wishing I had my Juki with me--much more fun to sew on!
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  1. Oh such lovely quilts--I really like that 4-patch set on point quilt a lot! thanks for the link to the patterns....have fun...hugs, Julierose

  2. Your border print looks wonderful! And thanks for the idea for using your 4 patch blocks. I have a stack I need to put together :-)

  3. Wow Karen! You seemed to achieve a lot of sewing to me! Love the two quilt tops you finished! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  4. The border fabric is amazing especially with the mitered corners. You must have had quite an exchange to have so many 4 patch blocks to use.

    1. Ditto. Nothing like commenting the easy way.

  5. Two wonderful patterns for using your 4- patches. I like the darker fabric for the alternating plain squares and that was a clever idea to match the fabric from the previous block. It looks great. You did have a lot of blocks!

  6. Love the way you are putting the 4-patches to use. Great mitering job, too!
    Windham (and other fabric manufacturer's sites) have some great free patterns, don't they?
    Well, I can't find Waldo. Your secret is safe with me. *LOL*
    Oh, those Devil's Claw blocks are wonderful!!

  7. I love the Worn and Loved II and that border is perfection - the fabric, the mitering, everything!

  8. Getting two tops finished is a great effort. Fantastic ways to use all these 4 patches.

  9. I like the border print very much. I think it is the color and the diamonds part that I like best about it.

  10. The border print is more than okay - it is the perfect choice! I just love directional prints in a border. Still loving your Devil's Claw blocks!

  11. I love your quilts and how you are making use of all the wonderful 4 patches! Hugs,

  12. Adore that first quilt! four patches can be magical when pieces so cleverly

  13. I always pack for a retreat the same way. I'm going for 5 days so I take enough to last for about 6 months. I know that I could take one tote bag of english paper piecing and keep busy the whole time, but part of the retreat experience is dragging so much along, right? My Bernina is the same as yours. It doesn't seem to like to be banged around and works best when I just leave it here at home. So I take my Featherweight to retreats. I love looking at the four patch quilt! Lots of great fabrics. I have that border print in my stash, too. It looks great on the quilt!

  14. I love your 4 patch quilts!! Both are such great layouts. I can't believe you still have so many 4patches left over. Those devil quilt blocks are great too, they have a fun sparkle about them.

  15. Wow! Worn and Loved looks so complicated! Pretty though! Love the devil's claw blocks... thanks for the Juki shout out as I am getting ready to purchase a new machine (in 2 months)... still trying to decide what brand to buy...

  16. I love both of your quilts but especially that first one! I am the same way-take loads of projects and don't get that far! But it's so fun!!