Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coin Purses!

I've finally made it back to quilting my Sunflower Gatherings quilt.
It dawned on my that the reason I couldn't make myself finish up this top was because I hated some of the quilting I had done. Once I figured out a better design, I worked on my quilting almost all day Thursday--the only day this week I was home.

Rebecca gave me this idea during our long arm quilting meeting and I love it. I did a variation of the same design at the top corners that I wasn't happy with, but worked out something I like much better for the lower corners. Now I have a lot of picking out to do at the top--yeesh! I'm pretty satisfied with the continuous curve quilting in the four patches--another suggestion from Rebecca.
 The Coin Purse class I taught on Wednesday was so much fun.
 It's always exciting to see all the variations from each person in class.
These are pics of the little purses done by my students in various states of completion:
Martha's--this will be a gift.

Roberta's--another gift.
(note: the basting stitches hold the purse to the frame while beading and are removed later)



Aren't they all lovely???
Next week I'm teaching the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star class again--another super fun one!
I will be pretty busy again next week, so I better get that reverse quilting done ASAP! I'm determined to have Sunflower Gatherings bound by the end of next week.
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  1. Love those purses...wish I could come to the class!

  2. Good luck with finishing off your quilting! Love all those little purses.... adorable! :) x

  3. The coin purses are so very pretty. I can see the frames come in a variety of decorations. I love the wool applique coin purse.

  4. Those little coin purses are all so pretty--wish I could come to class, too...hugs, Julierose

  5. Your quilting looks fantastic! I LOVE curved cross hatching. I'm stitching on block 12 from the Sunflower SBOW, but still have the borders to do. I still love it, but I am NOT signing up for the SBOW this year!

  6. I like your quilting on Sunflower Gatherings...I still haven't finished mine.

    It looks like your students did beading as they attached the frames. What a prettying editions. I'll have to look at the handbag I made several years ago and figure out how to do it when I make another.

    Thanks for the inspirations!

  7. Great to see the work on your quilt. Looking good.
    The coin purses made by your students are lovely. You obviously did a great teaching job.

  8. The quilting is looking fab, never fun to unpick the stuff we aren't happy with. The purses sure are cute!

  9. Adorable little bags. And I really like where you are going with your quilting now....very nice.

  10. Oh, cute, cute coin purses. I have the hardware to make several but I just never get around to it. That would be a fun class!