Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yikes--it's May!

I should be piecing the backing for my May UFO but, as usual (for me), I am finding lots of ways to procrastinate!
This is going to be my May UFO, Sunflower Gatherings.
I have it registered for our guild quilt show in June, so I need to get it finished ASAP.

So instead, I worked on clue 9 for the ThimbleCreek mystery.
I knew there would be checkerboards involved--that's how Joe rolls (see HERE and HERE)
I just didn't think they would be so small!

I finished one more wool applique block for Sophie's Garden.
That means there's only one more to go!
By the way, if you are interesting in making Sophie's Garden in this colorway,
Colorz Quilt Shop has kits available for the piecing and background fabrics I'm using, and also a separate kit for the wool applique.  Give them a call!
For April, only one item bound for Binding Blitz ;-( 

A Lovely Year of FinishesBinding Blitz


  1. YOU can do it and it's going to be spectacular!!

  2. Karen, you make such awesome quilts! I hope you get Sunflower Gatherings finished in time for the show!! Another beautiful block for Sophie's Garden and I love your finished quilt for April! Have a great week! :) x

  3. Sunflower gatherings so needs to be finished, so pretty! Loving seeing your Sophie's Garden blocks progress.

  4. It is amazing how many distractions we can find instead of doing the one thing we should!
    All your projects look lovely!

  5. Sunflower Garden has lots of little squares! Very pretty. This past year, I have been bad about not getting backings pieced and quilts ready for machine quilting. I get the tops done. I don't know why....just is.