Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mrs. Billings Update

I'm officially hooked--maybe even obsessed! 
This is how Mrs. Billings was on Sunday.
I wasn't happy with the browns, so my pile of rejected pieces is growing fast!

I decided on a more limited palette for this round--and a little more orderly.
I have to confess that I was so excited to see how this would look, and even though I had fully intended to hand piece Mrs. Billing--I sewed this up by machine. Gasp!
It's okay--she says you can in the pattern!

This is the beginnings of the next round--I've added the green back in but I think I will stay away from the browns for now.
I also have a different background fabric for this border. I'm not sure if the background will change with every border, but I won't be using the same fabric throughout--I'm trying to only use stash fabrics!
 A couple of recent additions to the stash:
I won these in a Primitive Gatherings 12 Days of Christmas drawing...

and this little bundle from Benartex was won during their blog hop.

You can only see 5 fabrics from the way the fabrics are folded together like an accordian, but once they were unfolded...

...there were ten fat quarters! Hounds-tooth! Dragonflies! 
I think this was packaged for Sample Spree at Quilt Market because it's marked $15 for 10 fat quarters--
I will be adding these to my Steampunk tub--I think they will fit in with my other chosen fabrics.
We'll see....


  1. Oooooooooh! I love it. The background fabric in the first round is gorgeous. What a wonderful beginning. . .

  2. I like the colour changes you have made. Much more agreeable.
    Well done on all the recent wins.

  3. Mrs. Billings is really beautiful! I like your more limited palette. Nice call!

  4. I liked Mrs. Billings with the brown fabrics but then I like browns. Without, you have a brighter piece and it works well. I like the fussy cutting you did for the hexies and the corners.

  5. Mrs Billings is going to just fabulous that colourways and what a nice win!
    Lucky you : )

  6. You're off to a fantastic start. I like the changes you made and the organized placement in round one. And then the addition of the green and a titch more randomness in round two. A wonderful first bsckground. You're definitely dangling a carrot in front of me.

  7. Stunning block ! the spotty blue hexagons are a great fabric choice and I love the fussy cutting. I can see why you are hooked - looks great fun :)

  8. Yes Karen, Mrs B has a tendency to do that; she got me hooked too! Looking good!

  9. I like the colour changes, looking really pretty