Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That

I think I am finally recovered from last week's retreat--I even took a nap the day after I got home--something I very rarely indulge in. 
I'm not even sure what I worked on...
I know a made a LOT of half square triangles and turned some of them into pinwheels.

And I made a bunch of these units-- I still have at least this many to make before it will be a quilt top. 

I've been procrastinating since I got home, so instead of working on my UFO for January, I made my Stitching Society project I wanted to have finished before February's meeting. 

This was my first experience attaching a purse frame. After watching a couple YouTube videos, I decided to kind of baste it in place first since I don't have three hands.
 (Sorry for the blurry photo--I think I need to invest in a macro lens.)

I tried to hide my inside stitches as much as possible--which is pretty much impossible!

Can you see I used beads to attach the frame?
 I saw it on a blog somewhere (s
o clever!) and muddled my way through-it turned out to be much easier than I anticipated.
Of course, half way through I knocked  my little pot of beads off the table, so ended up working them off of my sticky roller I used to pick them up.

 I picked up my bundle of the new Kim Diehl line last Friday--
Good thing, because I notice my horoscope recommends NO SPENDING this week--yikes!
Have you heard of "food babies"?
I never knew they were a "thing", but for a giggle, check out my niece's blog post from October HERE,
So far this year, I've managed to resist most mysteries, sew a longs, and BOM's, but I'm going to have to jump in on the Buttermilk Basin "Mystery" BOM Sew-A-Long--it's wooly!!

Okay, enough This and That...back to that UFO....


  1. Hello Karen! Your purse is really pretty... love the colours and all the stitching. I think you did a great job of attaching the frame! :) x

  2. I have wondered about how a person goes about attaching those purse frames. I will watch You Tube videos and find out.

  3. Your little purse is so adorable! Love that Kim Diehl fabric--are you trying to be an enabler for me?? So want to buy this year--but not doing that!! Hugs, Julierose

  4. Thanks for posting the Buttermilk Basin Bom. I'm going to try to follow along too. All my wool is upcycled from thrift store sweaters, blazers etc, so I don't have as much variety as I'd like but I'm going to manage. Can't wait to see what colors you choose!

  5. I made (and have to finish) a red and white Hunters Star. I like your colors better. I am also doing BB BOM. I am trying to stay away from mysteries too...I esplained on my post. D.G. L

  6. Your blue and white quilt will be stunning - lovely pattern! and I just love that little purse - so cute :)

  7. Love the Hunter's Star. That is looking great.
    Beautiful work on your purse, especially with all those little beads.
    Thanks for the BOM link, too.

  8. Oh Wow... love the lint roller for the bead pick up!

  9. Cutest purse ever! Basting everything to the frame first is smart. Made one of those little hexagon purses and basted it first too. Easiest way to keep everything in place. Love your added beads - very clever! As is using a lint roller when beads go flying. What a great idea. You know a quilting retreat has been a success when it calls for a followup nap.