Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Already???

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm still trying to figure out where the month of November disappeared to--seems like yesterday was Halloween!

I have a big finish on one of my hexagon projects. 
I did the last of the hand quilting on my table runner last night. 
Half inch hexies: quilted in the background and around the gold diamond centers.

I think I will leave it on our bedroom dresser--less chance of ruining it! 

The Blue and Gray quilt from the Country Threads book The Blue and The Gray.
I've had this finished for a couple weeks. It went together fast and easy once I figured out the pressing!
I added a row on the bottom and one side to have it finished at 48"x 56".
If I would have had more of the dark navy used for the outer border, I would have added a row at the top and bottom and on both sides so it would be a little bit larger.
This will be the perfect size to throw over the back of a chair and used as a lap quilt. 

Before the December Dixie Diary block is posted on Saturday,
 I thought I better show my November blocks.
Just Hominy: Heart Version

Just Hominy: Star Version
I've never eaten hominy.
Barbara Brackman says it is processed using lye, which sounds suspiciously like ludefisk.
If you've ever been in a kitchen while ludefisk is being prepared (which being half Norwegian, I've been in that predicament more times than I care to remember), you would wonder why anyone would actually eat it. And enjoy it.
Gelatinous fish isn't something I find appealing, and I'm afraid I wouldn't care for hominy either! 


  1. Love your hexie runner. I'm working on a quilt in a very similar, but different pattern, and loving it. It looks like the hexies might be the same size. They are quite addictive.

  2. Your hexie runner is gorgeous, and looks perfect on your dresser! Congrats on getting it done, it looks like a tremendous amount of work.

    I love your Blue and the Gray quilt, but then I love just about everything in that book. Haven't decided which one I'm gonna make yet...

    OK, hominy. Nothing like ludefisk, but then I've never had the pleasure. Think dried corn, reconstituted, and a little puffy and chewy. Its used in some Mexican dishes made with chile. I love it :)

  3. Your runner is BEAUTIFUL! It looks wonderful on your dresser. I really like the Blue and Grey quilt too.

  4. What gorgeous finishes--I love love love that blue and gold hexie scarf--and I really like the Blue and the Gray, too. I hope to get to my hexie runner this week--setting up my machine for quilting...hugs, Julierose

  5. I love your finishes. Wow, you have really gotten some great stuff done! I'm from NE South Dakota, home to many Norwegians, so I'm familiar with Lutefisk, although I've not seen it prepared and/or eaten it. I have had lefse, though. You may have eaten hominy and not know it. Hominy is dried out and ground into grits, if I have my facts straight. That is one way that grits differs from polenta. Why any kind of food can be treated with lye and not kill us, though, I have no clue.

  6. Your hexies are fabulous...that runner is out of this world fabulous!!!!

  7. My grandmother always made her hominy out back in the big black washpot. You might be surprised at how hominy taste. I love it.. It comes in white and yellow just like corn meal.. just like corn... white corn and yellow sweet corn... so I always enjoy the yellow more but I don't shy away from the white hominy either. Try it, you might find you do like it.