Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Countdown! Day One

Yikes--twelve days until Christmas, people!!!

My greeting cards are in the mail, I've done a little decorating, and have purchased exactly one gift-I think I'm on a roll!
If you are interested in my decorating, it looks exactly like last year and you can see that HERE.

I thought I would share my holiday quilts this year.
 Peppermint Twist from the Rodale book:
The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts
It measures 49" x 58"
I made this one in 2004--one of my favorites because of the holly toile (also from Thimbleberries).
I love this fabric so much that I purchased yards and yards of it any time I found it on sale.
You'll be seeing more of it soon!

I also love the light snowman background--a little hard to see here, but they are very cute! 

The backing is a Thimbleberries check that I also used as the binding. I think I meant for this quilt to be reversible because....

I put in a green piping accent to pretty up the back.
I think I was my piping/flange period after taking a class from Susan Cleveland.

Another quilt tomorrow!

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