Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Countdown! Day Seven

When I first started embroidering blocks for my Winter Wonderland quilt, I knew I would be using a blue floss. The first block I worked on was the Snow Angel just because it was my favorite block.
 I used what I guess would be called a "counrtry" blue, and before I finished the block I realized that it wouldn't be the right color for my quilt. I ended up using cobalt blue and was much happier with the end results. 
Winter Wonderland
A few years ago, Country Fabrics in Brainerd had a small quilt challenge. It was the perfect opportunity to use my "test" block from Winter Wonderland. I framed the block with little snowball blocks and a snowflake border.

Winter Wonderland
Little stars and crystals in the outer border and finished with a stripe binding.
Store customers voted on the quilts and I won a shop gift certificate!

Winter Wonderland
Completed 2010--measures 21.5" x 24.5"
This is one of my favorite little quilts even if it did start out as a "mistake"!

Pam Curo Cottontales
Another wintry piece I've made is The First Snow designed by Pam Curo of Cottontales.
Pam has a quilt shop, Piecemaker's, that she runs with her parents Ed and Mary in Hackensack 
(about 30 minutes north of my home).
They vend at a lot of the big quilt shows, so you may have met them!

Pam Curo Cottontales
Love that chubby little chickadee!
Made with wool felt--measures 14" across.
I belonged to an applique group at Piecemaker's when Pam designed this mat.
We were the test group and the first to make this cute little mat.


  1. Oh love your snowman and chickadee pieces. thanks for the link to her shop--does this mean my list will be growing --again??? (ROTFLOL) hugs, Julierose

  2. Two cuties, love both the snow angel mini quilt and the chickadee. I can easily see why the mini won the customers choice.