Monday, December 9, 2013

Crunch Time!

I just read this morning that there are 16 days until Christmas.
 I still don't know what happened to November. I have done zero Christmas shopping. And almost zero Holiday decorating. 
This is the extent of my decorating so far. 

Maybe I need to start working on my Christmas cards, decorating and shopping--but I hate leaving my cozy sewing space!
I have my December Country Threads blocks made and I'm ready to start putting the top together.
There will be more sewing for this one--there are lots of triangles sashings involved.

These are the last two Dixie Diary blocks: Turning Yankee.

This is probably how the 24 blocks will go together. I will have to order more of the fabric I need for the sashing. If my calculations are correct, I'm about 12" short of what I want to use.

I've also been playing with my Grandmother's Choice blocks on the design wall.
I can't get the bottom 2 rows 
to fit on there, so I will have to piece a few of the top rows together first.
All the fabrics including the alternate blocks came from my stash!

I'm really excited to get this one together, so Step Two of my Christmas Solstice is on the back burner for a couple days. Thankfully Step One is finished--that was a lot of peaky and spike sewing!


  1. Sixteen days?!! Yikes! I forgot that I still have cards to do, etc. I'm loving all of the blocks and the Grandmother's Choice is looking brilliant. How cool that you could get it out of your stash!

  2. Your blocks are just lovely--hugs, Julierose