Monday, September 30, 2013

Test quilting

Finally, I got a chance to test out my new upgrades on my HQ16. Mr. Moosebay and I installed all the new tracks, poles and carriages over the Labor Day weekend. It seems like just a few days ago, but it's been a month and I hadn't even turned it on to see if it still worked.
I chose the smallest item from the UFO bin. It was also on top since I had just made it this month.
Nothing goes into the UFO bin until it has backing and binding to go in the bin with it.
Otherwise, they are in the WIP pile--works in progress!

I love my new upgrades and I should have done them a long time ago--a huge difference as far as control goes and I think my stitch regulator works a lot better too. It's placed in a different area on the new carriage and makes good contact with the new track.
Too bad all those upgrades didn't make me a better quilter.
I need to start practicing my design drawing so when I am ready to go to machine, my brain knows what to do!

I've been a bit under the weather (having a bad reaction to my flu shot) and this coming in the mail definitely cheered me up!
 I won a drawing on the French General blog: The Warp and the Weft but I had no idea what my prize would be. 

A beautiful jelly roll of reds, creams, tans and browns all wrapped up in pretty toile tissue paper!

I hate to admit this, but as the owner of approximately 10 jelly rolls, I've never been able to unroll one and make it into a quilt. Hopefully, I will find a pattern and get something going with this one!
I still have some pieces from a 
bundle of French General Maison de Garance that would coordinate with Josephine, so I should have plenty of options. Josephine is full of birds and bees--I love it! I already know I am going to have to have some yardage of the Oyster Bees!


  1. Your new table runner is pretty, pretty. The blues pop and I like that. A good applique design.

  2. I'm interested in your HQ 16 upgrades. What exactly did you do? I have a HQ 16 on a table with the white tracks.... Thanks.

  3. I love the table runner. I'm glad you got your machine back in order. Lucky you! I'm drooling over the FG fabric.