Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mid September Already!?!

I'm not sure what happened to this week--it flew by so fast! 
Yesterday I had a long road trip to celebrate my aunt's 95th birthday. 
I sure hope I inherited some of those longevity genes! 

Last Monday our guest speaker was Deanne Eisenman. Deanne has written a couple books for Martingale and is currently working on a book for Kansas City Star books on the history of applique--I can't wait for that one! She also designs patterns for her company Snuggles Quilts (named after her cat who helps her work on her quilts). Her patterns are scrappy and most have applique--two of my favorite things!!

This is Through the Seasons--all four versions come in the pattern.

Garden Path pattern set.

Basket Banter includes four seasonal baskets!

Ack! I didn't buy this pattern--what was I thinking?
These three table toppers are from the Scrappy Gardens pattern--
There's a Scrappy Gardens Too pattern--equally cute!

There are also large scrappy pieced quilt patterns--this one is Scrappy Happy.

Scrappy North Stars
I did buy this pattern--love it! That's Deanne telling us about the quilt. 

This one had very cool quilted circles.
I think it's called Paper Chain

This is from the Scrappy Runners pattern that we used in class on Tuesday.
It comes with 2 versions in one pattern.
From Scrappy Runners Too.
More buyer's regret--I should have picked this one up--I love the little geese!
I could see this as a fun throw size.

Country Home Sweet Home comes with four inter-changeable panels.
Did I mention that all of these patterns (even the multiple project patterns) are $9.00 or less?

This is my finished Scrappy Runner: Bullseye version.
I used mostly fabrics from Jo Morton's Savannah line along with some scraps. 

In class,  we did our piecing in the morning.
After lunch, Deanne taught us a needle turn technique for the applique.
Lucky you...she has an applique tutorial on her blog HERE!
Scroll to July 29th through August 9th. 
I plan to get this quilted soon. Even though I haven't  turned on my HQ16 since we installed all of my upgrades over Labor Day weekend, I'm hoping to see a huge improvement in my quilting abilities--ha! 


  1. Some marvelous quilts!! I'm so glad you could share pictures. Your runner is beautiful!

  2. Nice stuff! I haven't heard of her before. I'm going to have to check it out.

  3. Hi Karen! Your runner turned out great! I really enjoyed teaching the class. Deanne

  4. Wonderful eye candy. I like those seasonal banner type pieces in the first picture.