Monday, September 2, 2013

Gotta Have: Rolling Work Station!

Last January I attended a fun retreat hosted by Helen Thorn. One of the gals brought a Plano Pro Rolling Work Station. She had all her tools, projects and a secret stash of chocolate--all on wheels. Cool!
Of course, we all had to run out and buy one of our own when Maureen let us know they were on sale. Since there's only one Menard's in my area, they sold out before I got there, but I was able to special order one at the sale price--whew! 
This photo was captured from the Menard's website.
Hurry--the work station is on sale until the 15th of September!

The lid has a handy cup holder.

Under the top lid is a roomy storage area.

A front panel drops down to reveal three drawers. 

At the bottom is a large bin perfect for stowing the projects you plan to work on at retreat.

This metal bar slides down the front to secure everything while in transit--don't want to lose any of those quilting goodies! 

At each side are these holes in case you need to bungee cord more stuff onto the top of the cart.

You can wind your power cord onto these toggles on the side.

The securing bar fits on the opposite side when not in use.
Notice the nice big wheels.

When it's not packed up for a retreat, I use mine for a "hexie" station.
(The Nonni's biscotti trays fit nicely in the drawers to stash stuff neatly.)
The little ruler boxes are from Temecula Quilt Company. 

When I need to work on my hexagons, I can roll the station to my sewing chair and use the top surface as a table. 
Tip: Don't load so many heavy things in the workstation that you can't get it in or out of your car!!


  1. Cool! I emailed my mom the link as they have Menards, and we don't. Hopefully she can pick it up for me at the sale price. We will be seeing my parents in October, so I can get it there. I was jealous that you had the Temecula ruler boxes, so I clicked over and they have them again, so I got a set, too! I love yardsticks and rulers and collect them, so I have wanted those boxes for a while. Thanks for the alert about the rolling work station!

  2. This looks pretty cool, and our local Menards both have them. I'm wondering how it fits in your vehicle. I have a car, would it fit?