Friday, October 4, 2013

Crunch Time

Just a quick post--I leave tomorrow morning for a retreat and still have a lot of preparation to get finished. No links today--just quick pics I took yesterday at Colorz for Quilts. There is a showcase of projects made from members of my Stitch Therapy group--they are wonderful (the projects--not the pics)!
I hope you get a chance to see them in person! 

I knew you would want to see a close-up of the awesome hand quilting...

and to see one of the the little embroidered blocks a bit more closely.

I found a little time to get my Chicken Scratch blocks made for October....

and some shopping therapy--can't wait to dig into these! 

I'll be back late next week with some fabulous eye candy, I'm sure!!


  1. Lovely quilt works...I love that cute alphabet quilt--was it difficult--I'd love to make one for my Fiona....age 2 sounds about right as she already counts to 10..(proud Grand'mere ;---))) have fun at the retreat hugs, Julierose

  2. Wow, awesome eye-candy. While I love them all, I was really impressed with the lovely Hawaiian quilt. You don't often see them outside of the islands. Have a great retreat!

  3. Lovely - thanks for the show!
    Quick question - your second pic shows monthly snowmen. Is this a commercially available stitchery pattern? If so, do you have more info?