Friday, September 27, 2013

Not Quite a Schnibble or More Than a Schnibble?

This months pick for Another Year of Schnibbles hosted by Sinta and Sherri is a brand spankin' new pattern by Miss Rosie. 
It's named :
Image of New Schnibbles ~ Paper
Isn't it pretty? I love the French General fabrics!
You can download the pattern right now--click HERE
I had planned to make Mercerie, but something was nagging at me--it reminded me of a quilt I've been wanting to make ever since I idiotically missed out on a swap for this quilt:

This is also a Miss Rosie pattern from 2006.
It has the same overall effect of the circles and looks like it's constructed in a similar way,
but with a few more triangles.
I knew if I made that cute little Mercerie, I would never make Quiet Time, so I dove into my scraps and got busy cutting and sewing. A lot of cutting and sewing!

Each block requires a light and dark Half Square Triangle,
and two hour glasses using the same two fabrics as the HST's. 

Arrange them like this. I always laid mine out with the "lighter" HST at the top right,
 although I'm not sure it makes a difference.
Obviously I ignored the directional fabrics--I was on a mission to get this baby finished!

Four of these blocks makes a circle.

Or you could make a cross. could make zigzags too!

I opted for the circles, but I think if the top row were moved to the bottom
and left side row moved to the right, the cross design would show up.
But why mess with a good thing--Miss Rosie knows what she's doing, right?
I could barely fit these on my design wall--there are 120  blocks in all.
That bottom row is barely hanging on! 

Even after they are sewn together, it's a tight squeeze on the wall.
No "beauty" shot--it rained every time I tried to get outside for a good photo! 
Hmmmm...that Schnibble is pretty cute--I think four of those blocks set end to end would make a cool table runner...there may a Mercerie in my future after all...


  1. It is spectacular! I don't think the directional prints mean much when they are cut so small. I love all the fabrics.

  2. Have you been sewing in your sleep again? I am amazed at what you get done. Love the quilt!