Thursday, January 10, 2013


On Monday, I FINALLY stopped in at Colorz for Quilts at their new location. It is so bright and open--love it! The lighting is great, the new class room is going to be a pleasure to teach in, and, for bargain hunter's (like me) there is a little sale room. Unlike the old location, there's lots of wall space to hang models and really show them off. Also, a first for Cherrywood fabrics, they have their first retail space ever inside the Colorz shop. The Cherrywood room is chock full of their pre-cuts, tons of samples and kits. Now you don't have to wait for a show or pay shipping if you order online! 

See a brief  video here with owner Susan Lommen, and an article from the Brainerd Dispatch here.

 I managed to make it out of the shop with just a couple half yards to add to my Grandmother's Choice bin. 
Yesterday was going to be the only day this that I could hunker down in my sewing room and get some Easy Street blocks put together. Between doctor appointments, errands (and a quilt shop stop), a lecture, haircut appointment, and more doctor appointments, I was looking forward to having an entire day at home to do nothing but sew. 

Naturally, that didn't happen! 

At 9:30 AM we FINALLY (thankfully!) got a call from the dealership that our car was ready to pick up. As I was rushing to leave for a two and a half hour road trip, I luckily remembered to grab my only handwork project that was ready to go. I usually have a couple of applique projects in the works, but I have been doing so many pieced quilts that the only thing I had were my blue hexagon flowers. I only had seven left to work on that were pre-basted, so I easily finished them by the time we neared Brainerd on the way home. That will make a total of thirty--I am going to keep going with them for a while.

I don't have a plan for these yet. I better get more hexie's ready in case another road trip pops up! 
And FINALLY, I was able to check out the Noble Quilter shop in Elk River on our way home from Minneapolis. They have lots of reproduction (and more) samples and cute displays with vintage items all over the store. They also had tons of Jo Morton fabric, but I was good and only bought a couple half yards of backgrounds for my Leesburg blocks. 

I know--kind of boring! I needed more Jo lights--seems like I have mostly dark tans for backgrounds. 

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  1. We all need more Jo lights.... and cream back ground does not count as light... ivory or white....