Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prepping and Playing

It was a busy weekend getting ready for the first meeting of Stitch Therapy on Monday at Colorz for Quilts.

We will be focusing on The Wish Quilt for the next nine months and I think it will be a lot of fun. 

Our first lesson will be on fabric tinting using crayons and colored pencils. I'm excited to see everyone that signed up--we added an afternoon class because so many were interested. A lot of people that signed up said they wanted to make one exactly like mine, but I will be encouraging everyone to make the quilt their own. That's what makes the group so fun--seeing how each person puts their own spin on a pattern!

Since I dislike the satin stitch so much, I used tinting in those areas
on the quilt.
 Once I got everything in order for class, I had some time to play with my new Juki. I had read Lisa Bongeon's posting here on the machine and was seriously tempted. Mr. Moosebay went ahead and ordered it for me--so sweet!
 (I think he is softening me up for a larger flat screen TV.)
This baby is super fast!! 
 The machine is pretty easy to learn to use since it's mostly mechanical--no computer stuff to figure out. I did have a lot of trouble with the needle threader though, but guess what--there's a YouTube video demo! Yay YouTube!!
 I was trying to do it backwards--duh!

Because I was packing for retreat, I didn't have time to get my Grandmother's Choice block sewn up last Sunday so I had two blocks to work on today.

Block 20 Memory Wreath

Block 21 Parasol


  1. can't wait to hear how much you like this machine or not after using it for a few months.
    love the parasol block great fabrics!

  2. wonderful parasol! and hope you post your progress on the Christmas quilt. I have this saved and hope to start in the middle of the summer

  3. Your Grandmother's choice blocks are lovely. There's just some whimsy with that parasol block.