Monday, January 14, 2013

Scrap Happy

I'm not making a lot of progress (or making a dent) in harnessing the bags of scraps in my sewing room. Not that I haven't been working on them--I just keep getting side tracked. Big surprise there, huh?
I'm on my third can of this stuff so far this year! 
Not only have I been going through a lot of sizing, I've had to sharpen my new rotary cutting blade (that I put in my cutter on New Year's day) twice! I've been giving my new sharpener a big workout--almost the best gift to myself ever!
Don't use this thing if anyone in the household is napping--it's very loud!
It works great. and sharpens all sizes  of blades.

I had to start a couple more boxes for my cut scraps. I have added a strip box for brights/30's and a squares box for brights/30"s. They are are both already full and my other boxes are over flowing. So, naturally, I had to start using some of them up in a project.

This is one of the projects I will be working on while on retreat.

This is Bonnie Hunter's version.
Step by step instructions and tips can be found by clicking the Scrappy Trip link below.
The Scrappy Trip block has been catching on all over the internet and I have been itching to make some blocks for myself. I chose to use some of my two inch strips instead of the 2 1/2" as specified in Bonnie Hunter's instructions, so I only needed 2"x 13" pieces. My blocks will be 9 inches finished. 

You can sew your strips together completely random:
This is how the strips lined up after opening the tube.
Or you can move them around a bit to make a strong "chain" across the center of the block:
I moved the 2 right hand rows to the far left to make the darkest fabric a strong diagonal.
This is what I have so far after making twelve blocks:
Some of my blocks have strong diagonals and some don't. They are really quick and fun blocks!
I plan make more blocks,so it will be large enough for a QOV. 
My version is very scrappy, but you can make it with a controlled palette. See a green
And Logan's using 2 1/2 inch strips is finished.
Check out the Flickr group here for lots more fun versions!


  1. Interesting seeing the different versions of the same scrap quilt.
    I have not come across a good review of any blade sharpener but you seem to be happy with yours. I am not familiar with the one you have.

  2. WOW! The colors are soooo lovely!!!

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