Friday, December 7, 2012

Something Fun

Last year I picked up this fun pattern at the AQS quilt show in Iowa. I have been wanting to get started on it for a long time and finally decided to just go for it.
Paper Dolls pattern by Phyllis Paul of Cozy Quarters
Check out the kit packaging--awesome!!
My cousin Barb bought the whole kit--adorable!!
There are 49 blocks, and so far I have cut out the 49 skirts, 49 bodices, and 49 head, hand and leg sets. I still need to cut out a lot of the backgrounds, but I couldn't wait to start putting a few of these ladies together. I am going to mix and match up their outfits as I go along.
These are my first blocks.
Some of the ladies will have head wraps that are sewn in as the block is constructed.
The rest of the ladies will get appliqued hats later. 
This lady gets a head wrap to match her skirt. 


  1. What a cute pattern. No wonder you are anxious to get started. I love the little head wrap and the fabrics you chose for that block. It sparkles.

  2. This is it. Julierose

  3. Thank you for all the attention! Phyllis @ Cozy Quarters

  4. When my youngest daughter was little I wanted to make a paper doll quilt for her. It didn't happen. Now, 25 years later, maybe I'll make one for me. This will be the year I finally make a quilt for myself. I make one for every wedding in our family which keeps me busy - nine children 21 grands and 8 greats. :)

  5. Can you share the name of this quilt or how to buy a copy? Thanks!

  6. Is there a place to purchase this pattern? I get redirected on every possible link to it
    Please let me know where to find it
    Thank you in advance for your assistance and help

  7. Yes please tell us where to get a copy of the pattern!