Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh Tannenbaum!

We didn't put up our large tree this year. Actually, we haven't put it up for several years. We have a pre-lit tree that was a gift from one of our sons and it is beautiful, but lots of work to decorate (because I have way too many ornaments).

We are kind of over the fresh trees after several disasters involving our pet cats. And trying to suck the needles out of the cracks between the floor boards. Things like that.

That doesn't mean we have a tree-less holiday though. These are some of the trees that are up around the house this year.

A little "feather' tree with Santa's I carved in 1992.
The third one from the left was carved by my teacher.
I made this  little "tree"  from wood blocks and
German ornaments purchased after Christmas (50% off!).
There's a little snow play theme going on. 

A few red jingle bells fill in empty spaces.
I usually have to break out the Tacky Glue each year when I unpack it.
 It was inspired by one that my sister-in-law Cindy owned. 

This is my Up North tree--a work in progress.
I think I need to collect a few more cabins.

Acorns, pine cones, paper stars, a few cabins and a tiny touch of gold tinsel. 

My little kitchen tree from Gooseberry Patch.
It used to be in a little yellow-ware bowl until it had an unfortunate
 run-in with Mr. Moosebay and a vacuum cleaner. 

The kitchen tree on a small cupboard with my part of my pie bird collection. 

Window swag that co-ordinates with the kitchen tree. 

The Grand Finale!
A tasteful Coca-Cola tree that Mr. Moosebay brought home from Menard's.
 It came complete with ornaments, lights and garland for under twenty dollars--
a deal Mr. Moosebay could not pass up since he is a total Coke-head.

The Coke tree ornaments feature tiny polar bears participating in winter sports, shiny and matte red glass balls and wooden snowflakes (my contribution). Notice the elegant Coke lights in the upper left and the polar bear ball that is actually a bottle of Coke that Santa brought Mr. Moosebay last year. 

I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday--tacky or not!!! 


  1. I enjoyed your decorations.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, I loved seeing your trees and you know what next year I think we will do the same thing! I am going to look for small trees and place them through out our home
    thanks for sharing yours with us

  3. Love love love all your trees! love your carved Santas but old habits die hard. i wanted to turn them over to see who signed them. i spend more than a few years as a sales clerk in a woodcarvers shop and laughed at myself with that feeling! ha ha
    Merry Christmas.