Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching Up

Yesterday was kind of a bummer-type day. It's never good to find out that your new vehicle could catch fire at any moment. The good news is that the vehicle will warn you before you are engulfed in flames.
Fortunately the dealership where we purchased our vehicle has rented an upgraded SUV from Enterprise for us to use while they figure out how to fix the problem. Apparently this could take weeks. Mr. Moosebay had to drive our combustible SUV down to the cities to swap it out for the rental.

 I wisely cowardly declined to ride along and stayed home to clean the house.
Much more preferable than becoming toasted briquette.  

Last week I was working hard on a top secret project (Christmas gift). Now that I've finished that, I decided to catch up on the Grandmother's Choice blocks. I had fallen way behind! Barbara is on block 14, so I had twelve blocks to get sewn in order to be up to date.
All caught up!
A lot of these blocks are pretty challenging and that is what makes them so fun to work on. 
Grandmother's Choice

This one is a little boring (the fabrics--not the inset seams)
I may have to redo it with more interesting fabrics.

Union Square

Kansas Sunflower
I hand pieced this block. It seemed easier than machine piecing.

New Jersey

Aunt Eliza's Star

Alice's Flag
This one is done with English Paper Piecing using diamonds.

Rocky Road to Kansas
Same block as #2 but with string piecing.

Brick Pavement

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New York

Little Red Schoolhouse

Everybody's Favorite

Bride's Knot

Little Boy's Breeches
More set in seams--ach! These are little pants in honor of Amelia Bloomer.

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