Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching Up

Last year I was kicking myself for not jumping on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt right away. By the time I had made up my mind that I wanted to quilt along, it felt too overwhelming to start. I should have printed out the instructions, but by the time I decided to do that, Bonnie had removed the instructions from her site in anticipation of including the pattern in her latest book.

When she announced her new mystery, Easy Street in November, I told myself that I would sew along and NOT get behind. It didn't exactly work out that way, but after this weekend, I am only one step behind. The mystery began on November 23rd and each step is posted on Friday. There will be 6-8 steps in total. Bonnie cuts her pieces from strips and uses an Easy Angle ruler to cut triangles. There are lots of helpful posts out in the cyber world that demonstrate ways of making some of units using other techniques. For instance, Bonnie has put up a PDF of the no waste method for constructing the flying geese if you aren't cutting from strips. Katie's Quilting and Sewing has a great tutorial on marking and sewing the Shaded Four Patches for Step Three of Easy Street.
These are my components of Easy Street so far: steps one through three.
Bonnie's suggested colors are black and white prints for backgrounds. I am using shirting's and other light prints that I have in my scrap box. I'm using a darker tan in place of the suggested grey.
My other color substitutes are cinnamon in place of purple, Prussian blues in place of turquoise, and a faded red in place of lime green. My Easy Street will look a lot different from the original since I don't have any purples, teals or lime greens in my stash.  
The fourth step is up (more flying geese) and I am hoping to get my fabrics cut tonight and start sewing them together later this week, hopefully before Step Five is posted on Friday. Tomorrow will be a no-sew day since it's time for my annual check-up and then shopping for all the last minute Christmas shopping I have been procrastinating in completing. Bleah!
So far, I'v also managed to  keep up with my Grandmother's Choice blocks and love reading about this aspect of our history--such inspiring stories! 
Centennial Block
Capital T Block

Just for fun--a shot of a small bit of our backyard.
We've been getting snow almost every night, and you can see the critters in the neighborhood have been very busy!  

I'm a bit sad that my Courting Quilt didn't win one of the big prizes in the Morton Masterpiece contest.

The good news is that I will have my quilt back with me soon and I will be getting some nice consolation prizes. It was a thrill to be included with so many awesome quilts.
Thanks everyone that voted for my quilt! 


  1. I love the color subtitutions you've made for Easy Street. (I don't have any purple,turquoise or lime green either) I look forward to watching your ES quilt develop. Your GC blocks are lovely.

  2. I am just BEGINNING on Step Two of Easy Street--so, see, there's always someone S L O W E R than you...keep at it...Merry Christmas, Julierose :--}}}

  3. You should have won! I would be sad too! There is always next time.

  4. Oh my gosh! I guess I'm a bit shocked you didn't win - your Courting Quilt was just exquisite!! In fact, I love all of your quilts and think you have a great "color-sense" when choosing your fabric and your construction and piecing is amazing as well! Looking forward to seeing the Mystery Quilt as it unfolds.

  5. I'm disappointed too, I thought your use of the Crimson Bouquet line was PERFECT! The Centennial block is lovely too, I had a hard time with that one. . .

  6. Yeah for keeping up with Easy Street. I'm a few steps behind but I'm hoping to get caught up during the next week or two. Yours colors will definitely be a nice peaceful quilt. Those following Bonnie H's colors will have a BRIGHT quilt... pass the sunglasses please. I've been using Bonnie's colors and enjoying how bright and fun they are. Not my normal colors but I'm enjoying something different. Of course, for the most part I have all of these colors in my stash.

  7. Hi Karen! Found your blog through the smallquilttalk group (and your post about design walls). You have a cute blog! Congrats on keeping up with the Grandmother's Choice blocks -- I've kept up with the posts, but not the construction. I need to get back on that! I'm a new follower ... I'd love for you to come check out my blog, too! :)