Thursday, December 27, 2012

Caught Up?

Well, it took a lot of perseverance, but I am finally caught up on the Easy Street Mystery quilt. Okay, it's Thursday, and the sixth part will be posted tomorrow, but for today I am Caught UP! I can hardly wait to see how the parts will all go together.

Part One: 194 four patches

Part 2: 128 goose units + 64 rectangles

Part 3: 64 shaded 4 patches +4 triangles

Part 4: 64 dark goose units attached to 64 units from part 2+145 squares

Part 5: 64 elongated goose units

I sewed my Grandmother's Choice block right away when it was posted last Sunday. This was one of the easier blocks thanks to Barbara's description on how to construct the block. I don't want to get behind on these again.

Mother's Delight block
Unless something comes up, I'll be working on Part 6 tomorrow!


  1. Grandmother's choice block looks great. I haven't made it yet. Glad to hear it's not hard.

  2. Your Easy Street units look so nice. I really like the blue/brown/red combo. I hope we start making the units into blocks this week.

  3. Your colors all look so nice and warm together. The colors that you used for your Mother's Delight block are lovely as well.

  4. love your fabrics, looking good! glad you caught up!
    beautiful block, that would make a great quilt with just that block.