Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Stitch Therapy Project: Memory Bouquet

This year the Stitch Therapy group at Colorz for Quilts has been working on old pattern by Eveline Foland called Memory Bouquet. 

Kathy Munkelwitz did a trunk show at the shop last year and everyone fell in love with her version of the quilt. I know, my photo is awful--sorry! 
Some of the gals were lucky and already had a copy of the Kansas City Star book Star Quilts II. The book contains the patterns that were published in the Kansas City Star newspaper in 1930, but sadly, it is out of print. You can probably find a copy on eBay.  Susan, Colorz owner, was able to find a few copies and also discovered that Deb Kratovil has a CD containing the designs that can be printed out. According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique, the Kansas City Star printed 20 blocks in their newspaper, but the Detroit News printed 25. Rosemary Youngs has been posting the Detroit New blocks for free on her website; I'm interested to see if she has all 25 of the bouquets!

This Morning Glory is from Deb's quilt.
We had it on display at the shop for a while. I believe
that she had some help with some of the
blocks, so she may not have done this
one herself. So pretty!
 This is Kathy's Morning Glory block with
beautiful embroidery and applique. She
used authentic feed sacks for the bowls and
framed her blocks in ovals. Hand quilted, of course! I love that she added some extra details and used a lot of different stitches. 
This is my first block, the Morning Glory. I shrank the designs  about thirty
percent and decided to do them in Red Work. My background is from a
line of fabric by Crabapple Hill Designs. The red fabric is from a collection by
Judy Rothermel called Inkwell Prints. I should also mention that I am using
Cosmo floss number 858.

Well, I think you can see that there are a lot of options to this design!

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  1. Question for you. Some of the Memory Bouquet designs have leaves or flower parts that fall over the pot. How did you change your blocks so the embroidery is above the pot. Did you just lift it up some or did you move leaves, etc.? I am prepping blocks to do them with the applique pot and redwork embroidery flowers.