Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moose Bay Walkin'

I try to walk everyday and my route is about two miles. I know! Hard to believe.

I confess: my name is Karen and I am a carbo-holic.
 There should be a 12 step program for THAT.

Anyway, since you stopped by, c'mon along! Start the iPod here and let's go....
This is the channel coming from the Waldenhiem condos.

The channel runs out to Moose Bay. Moose Bay is part of Pelican
Lake in Breezy Point. 

This little bridge goes over the channel-see the sun coming up
on the treetops? Watch out for the sprinkler system!

Here's the Chapel. It's open on Sunday's from Memorial Day
to Labor Day, service at 10 AM. Casual attire is okay. 

My husband calls this the causeway, but I call it the Road
to the Point. There are 9 houses in those trees up there,
on a cul-de-sac, AKA where I turn around and head home.

This is a view of Moose Bay. My house is over there on the other side. Oh! Did you just hear the loon?
They've been so quiet lately.

I never veer off the path because this evil demon weed is everywhere!
I am highly allergic to the stuff.

No shots of the lake today--the sun was just coming up in that direction.
Critter count: 2 bunnies

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