Monday, August 27, 2012

Pantograph Quilting

I've done lots of hand guided "custom" quilting (only for myself) on my HQ16, but decided recently that I should learn to do pantographs for "all over" designs. Most of my quilts probably wouldn't look right with an all over design, but  I do have a few scrappy tops that I  need to get finished and I thought this would be the way to get going on them.  My first attempt at using a pantograph was a disaster! It was a quilt I did about 4 years ago using a panto called Raindrops. It was so bad, I haven't dared to do another until now. Of course, I expected my first try to be perfect!

This was a Block of the Month we did during Clothesline Club a few years
ago at Colorz for Quilts. Karen DeVries drew up the blocks for my group. 
This is my second attempt. It may be a bit better than my first try, but there a lots of wobbles. I finally figured out that I had chosen some difficult pantographs that show all the errors--not for beginners! I did a little research and tried a free pattern from Urban Elementz that was more "forgiving" of my wobbles and it went pretty well, so I purchased some used pantos from Ramune, who I met on the HQ16 group that I belong to on Yahoo. I think I will be able to handle them with my limited skills, and I'm really excited to try them out.

I'm donating the quilt to Quilts of Valor, so I made a matching pillowcase with
the extra backing fabric.
I'll show you my third attempt at panto quilting as soon as I finish the binding. I used the free pattern Crinoline and it looks pretty cute--the quilt, not necessarily the quilting!

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  1. I try pantos on a regular basis. I bought some easy patterns from Lorien quilting and there are a few that I can do very well. I haven't been doing pantos recently because I've been using groovy or design boards. For things like Baptist fan and spirals they are great. I'm going to get a couple of more styles of boards and see if I have as good of luck with them. And I do buy my boards from Urban Elementz. Love their stuff.