Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dog Tooth Borders part 2

Earlier, I showed you how I did the dog tooth borders here, that I am putting on my Memory Garden blocks. Now we are on to the corners on the final block.

All the sides have been appliqued. Now it's time for the corners.
Finger press your square on the bias and fold in half, bringing
opposite corners together. 

Pin the resulting triangle in place and
 applique across the bias edge.

After appliqueing, trim away the lower half of the square,
 leaving  a scant quarter inch seam.

You could trim away your background fabric also, but I
left mine and basted my corner to it.

The Bleeding Heart--the final block of my quilt!

My dog tooth border was so much easier with these tools!

I wear the finger pincushion on my thumb--perfect place to park a
pin while turning under a dog tooth! Learn how to make one here
courtesy of Linda Franz of Inklingo.

I sometimes wonder how I got along without my little thread catcher.
You can squish it up and tuck it in your take-along bag and not leave
a trail of threads--smart! This was a free project from Lisa
Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.Find the instructions here.

Lastly, I love my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. They don't have a super sharp point,
but DO have an awesome  serrated edge that really grabs the fabric--perfect for
cutting out applique shapes without slipping.

A sneak peek of my setting on the design wall

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  1. trying to finish an antique quilt and found your site thank you. Dog Tooth Borders