Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scrappy Happy

Warning! Photo Overload Ahead!
I've finally started to go through my photos from quilt camp way in the beginning of October. If I remember correctly, my camera battery died in the middle of Show and Tell and I couldn't locate my spare (turns out it was in my pocket--almost as bad as those sunglasses I couldn't locate yesterday because they were on top of my head--doh!). Soooo....these are just some of the quilts--the rest of them are on my phone, so hopefully they will be coming later. 
We always have an awesome Show and Tell because you may end up doing the Hokey Pokey if you don't have something to show!
Of course, a cyclist needs a quilt with bicycles on it! 

This photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful paper piecing and colors. 

Cool batik blocks

I'm imagining some wonderful quilting in those open spaces!

Fun scrappy....

...and a fun back!

Love this blue and white one...

...and it's lovely toile backing and fan quilting!

I'm not the only one to succumb to the Temecula Olympics Challenge.

I almost caved on this one too--maybe it's not too late!

A wonderful vintage find.

A new meaning to a Charm Quilt...


Love this stash burner! 

I have a "thing" for 60 degree triangles--this one is on my bucket list.

Love this block--britches?

Cool Gypsy Wife in repro fabrics.

I think you can see how enormous this one is--super king size with amazing piecing! 

Yes, those are tiny bow ties--wonderful!
I wish I had the stamina to make one of these.

I think I heard that this quilter bought an entire bolt of cheddar fabric--

and is using it to make some awesome quilts!

Love the scrappy colors in this one...

..and this one!
This is when my battery went out--more to come soon.
My birthday was the same week as retreat and my cousin Barb made me this fun pin cushion presented in this vintage cheese box!  The box is the perfect size to hold my small rulers that I use everyday for the 365 Challenge blocks--how cool is that?!?
Do you remember when cheese (well, sort of cheese) came in these boxes?
I do--guess that shows my age! 
 These beautiful blues were gifted to me by Miriam (piecer of those tiny bow tie blocks)--love them! I think I've already used up a couple of them in my 365 Challenge blocks. 
This is my 365 Challenge top so far--it's already so big I had trouble getting the whole thing in a photo. We are almost ready to add the next round of dark blocks--not too many 3" dark blocks left to make! 
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  1. I lost my keys the other day - the kids helped me find them in my hand!?! Talk about stamina - I LOVE your 365 blocks - so cool! Enjoyed the show and Happy Birthday!!

  2. These are all gorgeous quilts!! Your challenge quilt is looking amazing. I'm so far behind on mine. But I won't be sewing this week. My MIL is very sick in the hospital so that's where I am right now. Quilting can wait while I'm here with family.

  3. visiting you from Lets bee Social. Wow what an amazing quilt you made from the material.

  4. Stunning quilts in show and tell! That bow tie is over the top. I don't even have the stamina to make that pyramid quilt, and I love that one, too!
    Your 365 quilt is so gorgeous--those blues will be out to good use, I'm sure.

  5. Wow! Look at that 365 quilt! The rest are great, too, but that quilt is amazing.

  6. First, seeing your 365 quilt, it's fantastic. All that work has really paid off. I don't think anyone had to do the hokey pokey with that wonderful show and tell. I can't really say which ones were my favorites, but all that cheddar is pretty delicious and those from Linda Collin's book are super.

  7. Wow! The 365 Challenge quilt is looking oh so good in the blue and whites.
    That gigantic scrappy bow tie must weigh a lot. Great way to use a large variety of fabrics.

  8. Everyone's show & tell was wonderful.
    Your 365 Quilt is looking so Amazing!
    It's going to be such a stunning quilt.

  9. What beautiful quilts! A fabulous show and tell and your 365 Quilt is looking fabulous too! Christine x

  10. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Love that pincushion - cute! Gorgeous 365 quilt!

    Blessings and hugs!

  11. These were all so enjoyable to see and the large bow!

    As to your sunglasses, LMAO ! :)

  12. Lots of amazing quilts, especially the tiny bow ties - I hope it was a scrap buster!

  13. The 365 quilt is fabulous! What a beauty!

  14. What a great show and tell. That bow tie quilt is something else!

  15. Wow! Your 365 Challenge quilt simply steals the show! :-)

  16. Beautiful display of quilts, amazing lot of work by all. Love your little pincushion.

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