Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend Update

This month is all about being thankful, and I can tell you that I am extremely  thankful that my cataract surgery went off without a hitch (I was pretty worried--lol!). There are just a couple more weeks of eye drops and then I will feel like I'm back to normal. I'm so pleased--no pain and I don't even need my cheaters anymore (I opted for special lens) except for up close stitching. Such a far cry from the days when they made you lie flat on your back with your head immobilized with sand bags for days! 
I finished quilting Walking on Broken Glass before my eye surgery, just in case--haha!
This is my November One Monthly Goal--happy to have it complete. 

The quilting was done using a large leaf pantograph so it was finished in a flash. 

The rows of Walking on Broken Glass are staggered and the ends get trimmed off. There were enough of these cut-offs to play around with and make into another Meals on Wheels place-mat with more fast quilting--clamshells. 

I completed the stitching on the big Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow snowman after my left eye surgery, so I pretty pleased at how he turned out considering the right eye hadn't been done yet ;-) 

This is how my blocks will be arranged.
 I had read on a few blogs that the two T's in the first and second rows lining up were bothersome. It never occurred to me that it was a problem, but after reading that it was, it started to be bothersome to me also--you know how that is--oh, the power of suggestion!!! 

The finishing instructions are on the website, and I will be working on getting this done ASAP. I'm hoping to be able to hang it yet this winter.
(That won't be a problem here in Minnesota since winter lasts until April!)
Block two of Primitive Garden is finished and I have been stitching on the next block-- the blackbirds on barbed wire. 

The finishing instructions for A Blackbird Gathering have been released, and my top border is fused and ready to stitch. 

I'll be working on this today--my Slow Sunday Stitching.
It's so nice to stitch on wool and occasionally check out those melting icicles! 
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Walking on Broken Glass was also on my Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long list HERE


  1. I think that you must have THREE eyes, had surgery and the other two worked on all of this stuff! :)

  2. You are doing amazing with all these projects! They all look wonderful!!!

  3. I love how your Blackbird Gathering is coming! I have been collecting the patterns, but have not started because I have too many other UFOs. Way to go!

  4. So glad your eye surgery went well! Love your quilting on the broken glass quilt and your let it snow quilt is looking fabulous but my favourite item from this post is the beautiful primitive garden block... it is gorgeous! Christine x

  5. So glad the second surgery went as well as the first. Despite being off for a few days you've managed to stitch out a lot of wonderful projects. I'll remember your suggestion for Let It Snow. Mine won't get done for a while either.

  6. I always enjoy seeing what you are stitching and grateful your surgery went well.

  7. kzren aren't your Let It Snow is lovely, did you see .stacy added the finishing instructions with another row and borders! I need to cut mine, may do something a bit different, the T's lining yo don't bother me I like the snowman in the snowflake looking towards the words not away. To each their own. You've been busy despite your surgery.

  8. great pleased your eyes went well...........

  9. So much great stitching. Love the let it snow. Your version of primitive gardens is lovely-I made that one also. I love your blackbird gathering. You recreate the primitive look so well.

  10. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful projects. I love "Let it Snow" and the Primitive Garden block. Of course all the rest are great also.

  11. Such beautiful work! Gald to hear you surgeries went well!

  12. Great to know your surgery was so successful. It is a big step to take. Sounds like all is wonderful now.
    Fantastic work on all your projects. Love the look of your finished broken glass quilt.
    And I like your layout for the Buttermilk Basin blocks.
    I also really like the fabrics in your blackbird gathering. Good luck with your plans.

  13. Everything looks so beautiful. You do such nice work. Glad you're healing up well. My sister had cataract surgery and has to go in for a 2nd surgery on the same eye so it doesn't always go without a hitch. Love the "Let It Snow"!

  14. What great projects and your quilt is awesome! Congrats on your finish and thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  15. What a pretty set of projects! I love the blackbirds. It will look gorgeous when it's all done. :D

  16. Very glad to hear your cataract recovery is going well.
    I really like your block rearrangement on Let it Snow (which it is doing here, BTW).
    Your applique projects are great. I especially like block 2 of Primitive Garden. : )

  17. Oh my, what a lot of fantastic progress!!! I think my fave is Let it Snow, but they are all fantastic.

  18. I was wondering what you meant by "special lenses"?