Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Something Completely Different....

You would think that after all my gallivanting around the state of Minnesota, once I had time to be in my sewing room, I would work on one of my many UFO's, WIP's or PIGS (actually mine are PIQS since I use quilt shop sacks--not grocery). 
As I was admiring my purchases, free shop hop block patterns and the Row by Row Experience patterns (that I occasionally remembered to ask for), I realized that a lot of the Row patterns had boats in them. I've been wanting to make a boat quilt for a while and, in fact, it's one of my PIQS.  I made a mental note to put the boat patterns in the sack with my other ideas for a boat quilt. Then last Thursday, for reasons I can't explain, I started pulling out fabrics and made a Row. And another Row.

Friday I was traveling again, so on Saturday I made a few more Rows and a couple more on Sunday.  Monday was a Stitch Therapy meeting day, but that night I found a little time to figure out a setting and do a little more sewing. I wasn't really thinking that there were any shops around that hadn't already given out their prize, but since I was close to the eight required rows, I did some finagling and figured out a way to get enough rows and still have my boats upright. 

I used some Riley Blake solids from a  fat quarter bundle that I had won a while back and my background is a Kona cotton that somewhere along the line I purchased massive amounts of for my stash.
To fill in the empty space on the lower right side, I used the free Temecula Quilt Shop Little Letters patterns to add my initials.  
The quilting is a wavy water line done back and forth across the quilt--it literally took about an hour to do the whole quilt. Fast, easy and fun!
I had a lot of yardage of this canoe fabric in the stash--perfect for the back.
I think I have enough left to make my son some pillowcases that I promised long ago--fingers crossed!!
I love the red check binding--I was a little nervous about it, but decided it would be fun and a little whimsical.
For the quilting, I used Aurifil 50 wt. color 4060--a variegated silver/gray. I like the way it shadows in and out of the waves.

And today, I even found a shop that hadn't given out a prize yet!

A rainbow of dots from Quilted Treasures!
All of my Row patterns are from Minnesota Shops:

And now back to those UFO's, WIP's and PIQS.....
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  1. Oh, my gosh. You created the perfect boat quilt. It's so cute and the backing was made for it. Love how the quilting just adds to the nautical theme. Plus you got the best prize. All those dots!

  2. Absolutely adorable Boating quilt. Love the colors..good luck on winning.hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh wow Karen! Love this quilt and you got it pieced up so quickly! What a fun project and the quilting is lovely! Christine x

  4. Wow, that's such a fabulous boat quilt. And I love your prize! Win-win!

  5. The canoe fabric makes a great backing. I like your boat quilt very much. A unique design. The boat on the wave is something I have not seen before.

  6. Congratulations!!! Your rows are wonderful. How neat it all came together so well. Great job!!!

  7. That is an incredible quilt!!! Nothing I don't like about it. Congratulations!!

  8. Well, isn't that cute. And the quilting fits it perfectly. The backing looks rather vintage. Congrats on that finish.

  9. Karen, this looks wonderful! The solid colors on white are so nice and crisp.

  10. That turned out great! I love how you creatively enhanced the patterns. I've collected 5 and will start on them soon. It looks so fresh and crisp. You deserved a prize for it. Congrats, and thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

  11. I took many notes from your posts for when I collect during my summer trip. I like how you used a set of colors for all the blocks. It worked perfectly with this theme. I also made note to create a label as you did! LOVE this list of stores/places....that will be a good memory for us. And instead of letters I'll add a year with a little camper. :) :) Thanks for the inspiration Karen. (Oh and that canoe backing was perfect!)