Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fast and Slow...

I spent a lot of time this week reorganizing some of my quilt room storage. It feels good to have some order again! Now if I could motivate myself to do the quilting on Sophie's Garden, life would be perfect! 
All of the "stitch in the ditch" quilting is finished on Sophie's Garden--now I have to be creative and figure out what to do for the "fun" quilting. So far, I have only done some pumpkin seed quilting in the half-square triangle sashings.
Yesterday I spent several hours (finally!) watching a few machine quilting classes that I had purchased long ago on Craftsy. I feel a little more inspired now, and hopefully I will have this UFO completed by August 31st! I have forbidden myself to work on any other projects (other than handwork in the evening) until it's DONE!  

 This beautiful pile of fabric came in the mail yesterday from Pam Buda.
 She was giving away some leftovers of her fabrics and I was a lucky recipient!
These will be a fun addition to my stash.

During a recent road trip with Mr. Moosebay, I got a big pile of background hexagons basted for Stars in the Garden.
I'll be working on adding the path hexies tonight while checking out Fear the Walking Dead--not exactly Poldark, but it's new, so I'll watch at least once to check it out!
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  1. Lucky you to win Pam's scraps... I am jealous :)
    Enjoy your hexie stitching today!

  2. Love Pam Burda. You are a lucky girl! The only thing better than fabric is free fabric!

  3. The hexies are looking great. I hand stitch when watching TV too.

  4. Yeah for you for winning the fabric! I bet once you get started with the quilting you have a great time. Starting is hard sometimes, I know it is for me!

  5. I guess that is a pile of background hexies!

    Good luck on the quilting so you can work on other projects!

  6. Nice win of some of Pam Budda's yummy fabrics! Your hexies look small! Looking forward to seeing the your quilting. Ditch stitching is not my most exciting part of quilting either, but it really makes for a nice quilting job.

  7. Hello Karen! Your quilt is looking lovely... good luck with the rest of the quilting! Christine x

  8. Sophie's Garden is going to be a beauty. I find it hard to stick with one project, too. I so admire people who do one project at a time, but it just isn't me.

  9. You lucky duck to win some of Pam's leftovers. : )
    I'm drooling over your progress on Stars in the Garden. I am nowhere near that far along. Can't wait to see yours come together. Maybe that will inspire me to get moving on mine!

  10. Oh yum, I love Pam's fabrics ... lucky you! You're working on a couple of Garden projects, and I'm not sure which I love best ... but I will say that I'm getting sorely tempted to bump Stars in the Garden way up my to-do list. Both my current EPP projects are over half done so I've been contemplating what to work on next, since I cannot imagine not having an EPP ... what would I do on our travels/road trips/down times at swim meets? ;-)

  11. Congratulations on your lovely fabric win! Wish some of your motivation to clean up the sewing room would rub off on me this week. lol