Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's a Mystery....

Summer BOW 2013
Finished! My UFO finish for May: Summer Blooms
I only did stitch in the ditch and outlining on this one since it's so small--25" square.
I thought it would be a good idea to get last year's summer freebie from Primitive Gatherings done before the 2014 BOW blocks start showing up in the mail box!
I'm not sure if I will do the free online sew along from PG yet--I'm printing out the patterns for now, because.....

Somehow I resisted signing up for Bonnie Sullivan's Bertie's Year Block of the Month, even though he is SO adorable! 
1320 Bert BOM
I also love Bertie's Winter, but he was a little easier to say no to--I have Christmas quilts coming out of my ears! 
You knew there would be a but coming......
But when I was perusing this magazine:
Chock full of cute stuff! 

I came across this Bonnie Sullivan four part mystery--Susie's World!
Can I resist a mystery???  
 Obviously not!
Susie is a cat.
Isn't she cute?
Going by the magazine photos, I guess she is supposed to be a gray tabby, but I had a lot of this mottled gold wool in my stash. Now Sally looks like my old cat Possum (and acting like her!).

This may be Bertie--I'm not sure, since he doesn't have a head ornament, but he could be a relative. Actually, with the nest full of eggs, this must be Bernice.
I couldn't pass up Susie's World--it has three of my favorite themes: birds, cats and cherries! Now I just have to keep my eyes peeled for the next three issues of SimplyVintage !


  1. Beautiful work on your UFO Karen... Ohhhhs and awhhhs on those BOM's...

  2. The Summer Blooms turned out very good.

  3. The Summer Blooms are beautiful. I've seen this pattern but with the flowers all different colors. I love that you did them all in reds, very striking!