Friday, May 2, 2014

While I'm away...

I'm at retreat from Saturday to Wednesday, but I am attempting to have a post while I'm away--it's never worked for me before, but I'm giving it another try and hopefully blogger will cooperate!
block 4
I've caught up on the Jane Austen blocks.
block 3
This one was a little tricky!
I promised to get back to Simply Red--I'm way overdue, but finally, here is what we covered in the April class:

We talked about an alternate way to complete the inner border. If you follow the book, you will need to make templates. If you don't mind your light triangles being split, this method is pretty easy:
You will need to cut 24 2"x 6.5" dark rectangles and 48 2" light squares. Mark a diagonal line on the back of the squares and sew on the lines as shown in the photo above. 
This is how your finished unit should look. One corner should be pressed toward the dark and the other toward the light. If you do this consistently, your pieces will nest together nicely when you sew them together. 
 These are the two blocks that should be finished up in May:
page 8
page 9
I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures from the April class--my bad! 

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  1. Your remote post worked! Your blocks look great, and I couldn't help but admire your design boards, too!