Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Goals

Sherri at A Quilting Life posted her summer goals and laid down a challenge to do the same, so here are my Summer Goals (as far as sewing goes!) I think this started with Karen, who inspired Anna and then to Sherri and now me!

1) Keep up with the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series--
we are on part 3 already! 

2) Keep on top of the freebie blocks from Primitive Gatherings
Block 5 arrived on Wednesday. 

3) Ditto on the Words to Live By blocks.

4) Make the July Schnibbles quilt

5) Quilt this monster to donate to the Camp Knutson auction. 

6) Now that this is layered, start hand quilting!

7) Make these Wal-Mart sheets into closet curtains. 

8) Piece the backing and binding for this top.

9) And this top....

10) And this one too!

I could add a few more things--like figuring out a setting for my Grandmother's Choice blocks, and making more of those pesky little two inch finished Temecula basket blocks, but I'll think about that tomorrow! 


  1. I like the block in the upper left. I followed the link the the site for learning how to draw it and bookmarked it for later on. An interesting block.

  2. You have such wonderful goals! Thanks for joining in!