Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Works in Progress

There's lot of stuff in progress on Moose Bay! These are a couple of priority projects for this week:

Cutting out Lincoln went super fast using my Shape Cut ruler.
This is July's Another Year of Schnibbles choice. 

I got my walk in before it heated up outside and was able to get all these blocks sewn and up on the design wall yesterday afternoon. I'm still pondering the final placement. I wish I would have had more red in my layer cakes so the rail fences would have looks more like flag stripes. Oh well....

I fussy cut some tiny flowers from one of my French General fabrics. These are the applique dots that go around the Love Entwined compass. Mr. Moosebay couldn't find tiny washers for me on Sunday, but he did pick up these thumb tacks to help shape the dots. Too bad the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles were too large for the outer ring of the compass--that would have been my preferred method. 

These were a bit difficult to get really flat since they couldn't be pressed from the back because of the pin. 
I'm ready to turn the edge on the outer ring and attach this to the center of my background. Hopefully I will get to that step before part three is posted!


  1. What fun projects! Those fussy cut circles are great

  2. What fast piecing on Mr. Lincoln! Good for you!

  3. Well, you know that I love your version of Lincoln. I was tempted to make a similar one, but went in a slightly different direction. The tiny fussy-cut flower circles are making my heart go pitter-patter! OMG! I love them! Could you have hole-punched card stock and used them inside or are those too small? The thumbtacks were a great idea, too.

  4. Your fussy cut flowers are really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your finished compass on the
    background fabric with the "triangle" crown surround. Love your fabric choices.

  5. Love, love, love your fabric. The fussy cutting is great, I look forward to seeing more as I too am working on LE! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very lovely. Your ingenuity using the tacks is an inspiration.

  7. I adore your little fussy cut circles, what a charming detail!

    Can I invite you to add this linky to the Love Entwined Page linky as well? It's too good not to share.

  8. Lovely work! i do love the idea of the tacks - so clever.

  9. Beautiful that quilt with the stars.

    I love your compass with those little flower circles !! I just have the triangles around the compass and now of to make the little flowers.

  10. I love all of these little projects. The tiny flowers are the cutest things ever but must take forever to get them the way you want them to be. I love the design wall and what you have going on over there. I think that the finished project is going to be amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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