Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love Entwined and some July Progress

Here I am at the Eleventh Hour working on Part One of Love Entwined. Why do I do this to myself??
I chose to keep my background light so the points really pop.
I was so surprised that the center matched up--I'm going to feel bad about covering it! 

My original plan was to hand piece the compass, but in the interest of time I ended up paper piecing.
You know it's not my favorite technique, but it sure is accurate!
If you have any intentions of doing Love Entwined and you haven't printed out the pattern, go right now and do it! Part One will disappear on the 15th of July and since Esther is located in Australia, that means the 14th here, I think. 
The compass ring will be reverse appliqued.
I prepped a freezer paper circle to do that--this is the back view. 
I will have my little dots on by the end of today unless something comes up. I've already done my daily walk, watered my gardens and deadheaded the petunias.
Now I can sew with a clear conscience!  
"Ring" fabric ready to glue baste in place for applique.

I'm mostly using my stash of French General fabrics from the Rural Jardin and Maison De Garance lines, so my Love Entwined will be shades of blues and reds with some brown and cream.

My week has been pretty busy: I knocked a few things off my Summer To-Do list that has been such a relief to finish up. Monday was our July guild meeting and our speaker was Sue Poser, the owner of Gruber's. She brought lots of goodies with her and it was a fun evening. 

On Tuesday, Sandi and I attended a lecture on Rain Gardens. It was very interesting and the Master Gardener that did the lecture was great. I hope to plan a rain garden this winter and work on getting one set up next spring. 

I'll have photos of the rest of my July sewing next time. 

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  1. Karen, I love your compass, beautiful colors !!!
    I hope we get the part 2 today because although its here the 14th, in Australia its the 15th already ;-)