Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This and That

Yesterday was a Prairie Women meeting day and it was fun to see all the wonderful show and tell and get our new pattern for the month. I always think I will go right home and start on this months project, but that never happens!

These are Martha's Twisted Hexagons--so cool!
Tutorial HERE 
I was inspired to get back to work on my hexagon table runner,
 so I finished up the half diamonds that I needed for the sides.
All the components pinned to the design wall
The half diamonds weren't as much fun to make,
so I had to push myself to get them made. 
Now I just need to work on the background path.  I have a little start on that. 

I need to make 246 background pieces according to my "map".
I'm using all one fabric for the them to tone down the scrappy diamonds.
April's Chicken Scratch blocks. 
Grandmother's Choice
Block 31: Tinted Chains


  1. Okay, what is up with that cat? I've never seen something like that?

    Love your blocks and your table runner too. Hexis are one thing that allude me, but maybe some day I'll actually make something out of them.

  2. The link to the tutorial for Martha's Twisted Hexagons isn't working - could you please email it to me? Love your little hexie project!

  3. Love your projects but the cat is like nothing that I've never seen before. Such beautiful markings and is it's tail really twisted? It sure looks like it. What reed is it? Cute,cute....

  4. Sorry, I meant to say "what breed is it?"