Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Show and Tell

There are lots of fun things going on with the Wish Quilt group! 
I am loving all the creativity everyone has come up with as they work to finish their quilts.


I love this black and cream version. In place of the elusive sampler fabric,
she is using a Christmas postcard fabric.

The embroidery is done with a charcoal colored floss.

Sandi substituted this darling penguin for the angel.
Check out those fish hanging from the tree!

Lots of stars and hearts on this version.

She is using the Jo Morton toile in place of the sampler fabric, and
fussy cut the birds for these little spacer blocks.

More hearts and stars.

Why didn't I think of this?
She drew the windows on her houses with a Pigma pen!

I'm loving these hand tinted blocks!

More substitute motifs--so cute!
Bronwyn has a lot of adorable artwork throughout the pattern
that isn't part of the actual quilt.

This mottled fabric is going to look great with some French General materials.

We all agreed that the blanket stitching was perfect!

Carol made all her houses a little bit different.
She has some nice fabrics set aside for piecing.
This was the first meeting she was able to make--not a deterrent at all!!

Since Lois can't find the sampler fabric,
she is stitching out these adorable pieces on her embroidery machine--


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of the quilts in progress. I especially like the use of the Jo Morton toile fabric in the one.

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