Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Stitch Therapy

Our April topic for Stitch Therapy on Monday was BORDERS! 
Yes, we have some busy embroiderers that have the entire center of their quilt ready to finish up with a border. 
Sandi's beautiful version of The Wish Quilt
On my Wish Quilt, I did a simplified version of a scalloped edge. I love scalloped borders, but I don't exactly love making them. 

My first scallop border was on my Apron Club quilt.
 Apron Club pattern by Lori Holt
We did this quilt as a Stitch Therapy project a few years ago.
I felt that the scallop border in Lori's pattern was a bit wide, and I also liked the look of real scallops other than a wavy scallop edge. Needless to say, this border was a lot more work! I followed a Sharon Schamber tutorial (see here)--that was very helpful, but the actual technique was sooo time consuming. I loved the results, but I'm not sure I would do it again. 
I really liked the way the dog ear corners came out!
Sharon's video show how to make tiny darts in the binding at the inside corners. 
So, the next time I decided to do a scallop border, I tried the waves....
So much easier!
Quilt block patterns are from Crabapple Hill Studio
The drawbacks: you do need to use bias binding (starch!!)
and if you are hanging the quilt, the scallops make it a bit difficult.

Truthfully, I didn't set out to make a scallop border on the Wish Quilt. I wanted to use up  my sampler fabric, so I cut borders wider than specified in the pattern. Then, of course, I decided it was too much light
fabric to frame the center.
I didn't want to cut down my precious sampler fabric, so to tame it down a little,
I came up with this border:

I guess this would be considered a reverse scallop?
I would do this one again, for sure:
 no bias binding, no tiny darts, and no floppy scallops!

To make the scallop border overlay, I made a freezer paper template, ironed it to the back of the strip of  Buggy Barn dot fabric, starched back the seam allowance and appliqued in place. I did the sides first and when I added the top and bottom scallop strip, I folded back the ends to look like a mitered corner.
Oops! I didn't line that up very well, did I??

I hand appliqued this,
but you could easily stitch it by machine with a narrow zigzag or use your buttonhole stitch.

 An absolute must, in my opinion, is the Easy Scallop tool designed by Darlene Zimmerman--no cups, plates or Tupperware bowls for me!

Coming up later this week: more photos of the Wish Quilt in progress! 


  1. I love your quilts and your scalloped edges. I can imagine how time consuming they would be, but certainly worth every bit of effort.

  2. I like the border you came up with for your Christmas quilt. A unique look. The sampler fabric looks good with a scallop. I like the apron quilt too. I remember seeing the pattern on Lori's site. I think you chose very good apron fabrics. Not just anything would work.

  3. I love scalloped edges. The one with the ric rac.... Oh, I'm drooling. I do like the reverse one, too. You get the look without the extra trouble, as you said.